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3 Comments on Contact Us

LadySunshineK said : Report 4 months ago

For Macedon online ordering; when getting a special with wings, there is no way to choose the drop down to make them extra crispy without losing your chosen sauce. So then I have to buy the sauce that should have been free... or give up the option to make them extra crispy. Much appreciation if this could be fixed. Thank you! = ) And... for as pricey as some of the menu items are, it would be nice to get some coupon codes through email instead of just emails that say "order online". Even 10% would get me to order more often and be more of an incentive over the email that just kind of tells you what to do and offers you nothing. = | All that aside, we find the food delicious! We actually prefer your food to anyone else within the delivery area. Your drivers are friendly and it's rare that there's anything wrong with our order (which is my biggest gripe with other places). Keep up the good work! YUM!!

mozzeroni said : Report 4 months ago

Sorry about that. These are not employees of ours it is a fundraising group that is doing the door to door sales. We are just participating in the fundraiser. I will definitely pass this info on to the organization. Thank you Dave Mozzeronis

JP said : Report 4 months ago

The door-to-door soliciting of "coupons" which you're selling for $30 is annoying and unnecessary. Even after the salesman was politely told no thank you, I was pressured to buy. Coach your salespeople on tact if you're going to have them represent you in the community.